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June 30, 2005

Elements of Style

Rick McGarry shares some still photos from videos he has made of milongueros dancing in Buenos Aires milongas.

These photos and Rick's analysis are priceless. He shows the kind of thing that you see but can't quite put your finger on when you are watching someone dance.

2: Lead with the chest, especially when moving forward from a stop.


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June 29, 2005

Misha in St. Petersburg

Michael Goro from Chicago writes from St. Petersburg:

I am going to London tomorrow. There I meet Sarah and we are coming back together on the 23rd. Russia is good, crazy as usual. I got into a swing of tango stuff unexpectedly for myself. I went to check out a local milongoa. I danced with Elvira (yes, this is really her name, not the one who is a queen of the dark though) who started a tango scene here in St. Petersburg about six years ago. She constantly brings some good dancers like Gavito and Paulo Veron. Any way she immediately booked me to do a workshop, performance with her and make an appearance on television. It was a lot of fun. She put together the hall show to the live music at a pretty small salon with some historic significance. I did four songs with her. It was nice, a very high-energy audience. Started off very formal and ended up with every body getting drunk (typical for Russia).


For some background on the place where Misha was dancing, see this earlier article: Tango Noticias: article - Argentine Tango, Russian Style

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June 24, 2005

Shoes for Sale from Leah

I have several pairs of tango shoes: 1 pair of ballroom practice shoes (shoe image #2, below), and 4 pairs of new tango shoes for sale.Three pairs of the new shoes have slightly lower heels.The shoe size is 38,size 8 american. These could fit anywhere from a size 7.5-8.5.

Contact me at: 217-202-5407 or by email: Leah R. Heil

- Leah

Shoes 1

Shoes 2

Shoes 3

Shoes 4
Shoes 5
Click images to enlarge.

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June 13, 2005

Following the Sound of Tango

Click image to enlarge.
Fil writes:
Diana and I were just walking around Millenium Park in Chicago when we heard a familiar tune being played from what I thought was a Bandoneon. It wasn't a bandoneon after all, but the tune was definitely familiar. It was La Cumprasita. I proceeded to toss in some cash for her "schooling" fund and we then danced for a few precious moments.


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