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August 01, 2006


(by P.Müller e C.Cipolat, trasl. E. Marseglia)

Over the past few years a large number of people have become infected with a strange disease known as Tanghitis!

To date only the symptoms are known; how it infects is still a mystery. It can happen, for example, when taking part in a beginners class, often free of charge, or when watching a tango-show, although the symptoms may not show up immediately. In other cases it is a cultural, musical or even political interest that proves fatal. It is also quite contagious and resistance is low when there is direct contact with others who are infected

The symptoms are difficult to pin down, but the more of them that can be brought to light, the more easily the state of the disease can be diagnosed – a state which can vary from “light” to “serious” and even, finally, to hopelessly “chronic”.

In 1999 a researcher of Tanghitis published a list of symptoms, some of which are given below. Since then research has continued and recently many other less obvious symptoms, have also been found.

You are infected withTanghitis if

- You try to convince everybody to dance Tango
- You keep only Tango cassettes or Cd’s in your car and listen only to Tango music
- You only give presents of Tango music or clothes inspired by the world of Tango
- The only videos you are interested in are Tango videos (either instructive ones or films)
- You try to dance with the best and most pleasing partner, without any regard to physical beauty, culture, etc.
- You always have your Tango shoes with you
- When dancing you always wear Tango shoes and Tango clothes, and preferably black
- If you are female you don’t leave home without a really red lipstick
- You clear your home of furniture so that you can dance Tango there as well
- You don’t know anyone anymore who is not connected with the Tango scene
- The parties you go to have to be milongas (or if necessary you will convert them - you have your Cd’s with you!)
- You read articles on how to create your own Tango collection
- When entering someone’s house your first compliment is about the floor – so nice to dance on!
- You plan your holidays to dance in milongas
- You make crazy long journeys even to dance for only a little.
- The screen saver on your computer is a Tango image
- Whatever the music you will dance Tango to it
- You get withdrawal symptoms after only a few days of not dancing

And there are many more.

Now you can test whether or not you have this disease and try the only known cure. You have to dance Tango!

Posted by yana at August 1, 2006 03:52 AM


From what you describe, I think I know some people who have tanghitis.

Posted by: joey grohens [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 1, 2006 09:29 PM

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