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January 11, 2007

Dan Boccia's notes on tango orchestras


Posted on tango-DJ list.

On 1/11/07 3:25 AM, "Dan Boccia" wrote:

Several people on this list have attended the DJ Seminars that Jaimes
Friedgen, Shorey Myers, and I have presented in Seattle and Portland
recently. At these seminars, I have handed out a 1-sheet (front and back)
list of about 20 orchestras with their distinct eras, a description (in my
own words) of each era, the singers of that era, and recommended albums for
each era.

I have had many requests to post this information on my web site, and with
severe hesitation I have finally done so. But first, please read and
understand the following before using this information:

1. All the information on this sheet is essentially a summary of my
research over the past several years. As such, it is very personal and not
meant to be held to any particular standard.

2. I do not necessarily intend to keep this handout up to date at all

3. I am not, nor will I likely ever be, completely satisfied with the
information on this handout. The information for several of the orchestras
is thin and I plan to add to it as time/interest allows.

4. The handout can be used by new dancers to begin a collection, but
although all albums are good, if you're only going to buy 2 or 3, get some
advice from an experienced friend to aid in your selection.

5. The handout really starts to make sense after you get some songs from
each era of a particular orchestra, set aside a few hours, and start
listening critically and carefully. Only with this level of objective
listening, in the absence of other distractions, is it possible to shape
your own individual descriptions of the music to this level of detail. I'll
be the first to admit that "this level of detail" is not necessarily
required to become a good DJ......my interests at times go well beyond
DJing. Those who do this will certainly find things on this handout they
don't agree with.....and that's fine with me.

6. My links page also has information on where to purchase music, but is
only for localized use....there may very well be better avenues for
purchasing music in other locales.

7. Finally, feel free to use this information however you like. You're
welcome to use it. You'll note my name is NOT on it....

To view the sheet, go to www.tangotrance.com and click on "for more tango
resources" where you'll find the link.

Dan [Boccia]

Posted by joegrohens at January 11, 2007 11:39 AM


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