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May 29, 2007

poll on tango styles

Poll Results

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May 17, 2007

Dance Parade NYC


NYC Dance Parade Protests 'Cabaret Laws'

NEW YORK -- The biggest show on Broadway was staged Saturday under a rainy sky and with curious props: an SUV, stilts, a flatbed truck, balloons and hula hoops. The cast of thousands participating in the extravagant, ecstatic Dance Parade were demanding the repeal of New York City's "cabaret laws," which ban people from dancing in eating and drinking establishments unless they have a special license. On Saturday, New Yorkers took to the streets with their tango, tapping, moshing, hula hooping, salsa, samba, contra, clogging, swing, ballet -- even dancing on stilts and roller blades.

"New York cannot take the dance away from us!" yelled one speaker from the top of the truck, to a pounding rhythm. "It is good for the soul! It is good for the spirit!"

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New York Dance Parade 2007


8211 Dancers, 157 Dance Organizations, 49 Dance Styles --- Scheduled for May 19. Wish I could be there.

Dance Parade is New York's first ever parade and festival of such scope and scale. We are celebrating everything from Break dance to Ballet with Burning Man Spirit and Love Parade Energy. On Saturday May 19th 2007 we will join colorful floats, live bands and dj's to dance in the streets to Salsa, Contra, Disco, Clogging, Ballroom, Irish Step, Hip Hop, Swing, Tango, Ballet, Break dance, Japanese, Sufi, Samba and more - over 49 forms demonstrating that Dance is a vibrant, expressive form of art.

Our wonderful parade route starts at 32nd Street, heads down Broadway to Union Square, swings West to Fifth Avenue and triumphantly dances itself through Washington Square's memorial Arch. Inside the park we have a unique Dance Festival with many forms of performance and social dances on as many as four stages!

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May 15, 2007

Milonga Tandas

Milonga by David Drake of Albuquerque.

I might add other people's milonga tandas to this post later.

Right now I was just looking for ideas of milongas to balance out a set by Donato. Thinking of "El Torito", "Ella Asi", "La Milonga que Faltaba", "Campo Afuera". Four is probably too many. Two probably too few.

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Identifying music in youtube videos

identifying music on youtube or google - Multiwi

Tobias Conradi has an index to youtube tango videos on his WIKI. He is interested in having people help identify the music in the videos in the identifying music on youtube or google - Multiwi

I suggest also that when people know the music to a tango video on youtube, that they identify it in a comment there. It can be very helpful to tango music lovers.

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Tango Fusion Reviews

World Music Central - A Collection of Tango

Reviewer TJNelson comments on 14 tango fusion releases, including Narcotango 2, Lunatico, Hybrid Tango and Tangophobia. He's not easily swayed by techno tango and tries to distinguish the quality from the schlock.

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Otros Aires Dos

Otros Aires 2 at TangoCD - The Tango Music Store

The second album is out from the contemporary tango group Otros Aires. TangoCD.com has sound samples here


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bajofondo tango club @ são paulo

bajofondo tango club @ são paulo
Originally uploaded by adpt27.

Today appearing on Flickr are photos from the May 14 Bajofondo Tango Club concert in Sao Paulo.The photographer's caption here says "Most of the audience ON STAGE with them." I note that none of the audience appears to be dancing tango, though.

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