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August 27, 2007

Official Judging Criteria for World Tango Championship

V Campeonato Mundial de Baile de Tango

Evaluation Criteria



  • 36. Stage Tango for Couples (Unrestricted Entry, Amateurs and Professionals): Participants will be able to express their personal view on the tango dance: they may resort to movements, figures and applications that are not usually related to traditional tango.
  • 37. Couples may break the embrace and use additional techniques derived from other dance disciplines, as long as these are justified and performed for the benefit of a particular rendition.
  • 38. The Jury will take into account the following criteria:

    • Choreographic composition (creation or recreation)
    • Preservation of tango essence
    • Use of stage space
    • Choreographic and postural techniques
    • Body and space alignment
    • Couple's synchronicity
    • Choreographic effects
    • Interpretation
    • Musical accuracy (relaxation, music-dancer-style)
    • Costumes and make-up

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