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August 10, 2007

Tango in Moscow

Moscow News - Lifestyle - Would You Like to Dance?

Dancing has become the Muscovite's favourite hobby. After watching a dance class, I realized that dancing is not simply a hobby, but also a way to solve personal problems. Besides, dancing is a wonderful alternative to a boring session with a psychologist.

"Dancing to Let Off Steam"

Olga Rybalko, chief accountant with a big office furniture maker, has been leading a double life for two years now. In the daytime, in a severe business suit with her hair meticulously combed, she heads a 10-employee department. Her subordinates say that "She is a dead hand of formality." How surprised they would be if they caught her at an Argentinean tango club!

"Dancing is the only joy I have," Olga admits. "Since childhood, I dreamed of doing choreography; it's only now, when I'm 38, that my dream has come true. Interestingly, when I started attending tango classes, I always felt a strong urge to lead my partner. They quickly made me lose this habit, and this improved my relations with my husband."

Posted by joegrohens at August 10, 2007 12:34 AM