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October 24, 2007

The line of the S

Brassai, Conversations with Picasso, excerpt

Among all the letters of the alphabet, the capital S is the most graceful.

"And what other movement determines the S line? Its aesthetic efficacity has long been noted by artists; the great English painter Hogarth, in his Analysis of Beauty, even extols it as the most perfect line, calling it the 'Line of Beauty.' In the engravings that illustrate his book, which he himself did, he shows multiple examples of its success, in the forms of the human body, in those of a flower, in the felicitous fall of a drape, or in the outline of a piece of furniture" (René Huygue, La puissance de l'image).

S is the shape of the ocho. Flip an S and superimpose it on another S, and you have 8.

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