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July 10, 2008

Ezequiel & Eugenia at TangoCamp 2008

TangoCamp 2008
Originally uploaded by minton

This photo is an excellent opportunity to study important details of technique and posture.

I notice, for example, that Eugenia's body weight is evenly split between front and back legs, she has both toes opened out slightly, her back knee is completely stretched, her spine is vertical, she has a twisting orientation toward's Ezequiel's center, and her arms are lengthened and relaxed looking. Eugenia's left arm reaches all the way across Ezequiel's back, and her left elbow and shoulder are released enough that her arm comes back behind the plane of her back. Her shoulders are level.

Ezequiel gives the gancho with his outside leg, generating considerable spinal twist so that he can remain facing her. His outside arm (left) is lengthened forward to allow Eugenia's arm to stay comfortably in front of her right shoulder (rather than pulling her arm toward him more). Ezequiel's standing foot is pointed at a 90° angle away from the line between Eugenia's feet. And his shoulder's are turned towards Eugenia so much that they are also in this same 90° angle to her line. His right arm reaches across her back. One thing that doesn't look right to me is that his gancho appears to be hooking the front thigh of her trailing leg. Wouldn't it be more normal to hook underneath her forward leg? I mean, if he is really hooking the leg. I suppose he is just throwing a boleo between her legs.

I assume that this is a counter-clockwise turn, and I would call it step 1 of the turn, since she is stepping forward with her left leg. He could have done a back sacada (more typical) during her forward step, but instead it's a gancho.

This looks like a difficult move. I wonder what happens next.

Posted by joegrohens at July 10, 2008 10:57 AM


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