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August 06, 2008

Can you see the difference?

Apparently times have changed in one of my most fondly remembered milongas: Porteño y Bailarin.

Some years ago, when we were there, the dance floor was filled with an intriguing mix of dancers. Professional dancers went there (e.g., Gavito, Flaco Dany, Pupy Castello, Pulpo, Javier and Geraldine). But also it seemed that a lot of "ordinary" dancers were there too. It was like the title said - porteños (natives) and bailarines (dancers).

I actually liked seeing that someone as bizarre and non-traditional as Pulpo & Luiza would be on the floor with normal dancers, and nobody seemed to mind. Nobody was bumped. Everyone co-existed in peace and harmony, and respect. That's how it seemed to me. And the energy had a very creative and electric charge.

This first video comes from around that time, 2004. I didn't take the video.

This is possibly my favorite tango video on youtube. I like the music, I like the captured moments and evolution of the tandas. I love the waiter - so on the ball. One guy serving the whole place.

YouTube - Porteño Y Bailarin milonga

Recently a new video from this milonga appeared on youtube. It looks like tourists have taken over the dance floor, and neither professionals nor natives want to set foot on it.

Now the only person on the floor that's worth watching is the waiter.

YouTube - 080227 Milonga Porteno y Bailarin - Buenos Aires

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