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October 15, 2008

Yo queria bailar. Carlos Gavito, vida, pasión y tango

Yo queria bailar. Carlos Gavito, vida, pasión y tango, a new biography of Carlos Gavito, written by Ricardo Plazaola, was published in February in Spanish. An English translation is expected late this year.

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Author Ricardo Plazaola is a journalist, and the father of Maria Plazaola, Gavito's last dance partner. Mr. Plazaola came to know Gavito through his daughter, and interviewed Gavito during the last months of his life.

Gavito was a specialist in pithy reflections on the tango, and I expect this book to have a lot of classic quotes.

Dice Gavito, y Plazaola transcribe: "Yo bailo el silencio. Bailo lo que hay antes de la música y los que hay después. Bailo nada, bailo eso que es como una intención".

Gavito says, and Plazaola transcribes: "I dance the silence. I dance that which comes before the music and that which comes after. I dance nothing. I dance that which is like an intention."

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