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February 18, 2009

Candombe / Murga / Carnaval in Buenos Aires

At this time of year, many countries and cities celebrate carnival, festival of Catholic origin preceding Lent.

Tango Cherie has written tangocherie: carn" target="_blank"> a lot about murga, candombe, and carnaval celebrations in Buenos Aires.

Here are some other references I have gathered:

Murga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Candombe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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carnival music

I found this imix on brasilian carnival music - not bad.

If readers know of others i would appreciate links.


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February 02, 2009

New Playlist - And Controversy over Alternative Music


The downloadable PDF will show you what I played last Wednesday:

Jan 28, 09 at Cowboy Monkey(PDF)

There was an alternative set midway:

As far as response, it seemed to me that this set had a good majority of people out on the dance floor.
But I received an interesting series of comments.

One guy came up to me in frustration, just before the last song started, and said "Please, Joe, would you play some real music? I want to dance with [Ms. X] and I can't do it to this stuff." I asked him to be patient. The set was almost over, and I pointed to the floor and said "Look, they are all enjoying it." He left the DJ booth agitated, no doubt fearing that he would never get a chance to dance with her that night. (But he did, and afterwards said how wonderful it was.)

A second guy came up after the set finished, saying what a wonderful set that was, and thanking me, and asking me to send him the titles of the tracks played. He repeated his thanks several times before he left at the end of the night.

So, you make one person happy, another person sad.

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Omar Vega

From left, Omar Vega, Carina Losano, Tono Gallesio standing, Tete Rusconi kneeling . Sept. 21, 2008, Porteño y Bailarín.

Tono sent this picture, saying it was taken at the last milonga Omar Vega attended before he died.

Don't ask me what Tete is holding; I don't know. Perhaps trying to steal Carina's navel jewelry.

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simmetria soporifera...

simmetria soporifera...
Originally uploaded by micmac71

A familiar story.

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uno, dos, un dos tres

uno, dos, un dos tres
Originally uploaded by felialonsof

I never tire of looking at some things ing tango. The turning of the woman's forward foot as she advances into her step, and the triangular figure/ground cut-outs between the legs, are endlessly interesting to me. When I see beginners dancing and their legs make this kind of intersection, I feel like already they are dancing "real" tango, and it produces a pleasing visual effect that I love about this dance.

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