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April 28, 2009

Hip Resurfacing for Tango Dancers

Tango For Life - Tango Health

Over at Tango for Life, Dave Donatiu blogs in clear and inspiring detail about his hip resurfacing surgery, and the pain that has kept him from tango. It doesn't sounds easy, but it is going to put him back on the dance floor.

Congratulations Dave for making the brave decision, and best wishes during your recovery.

See also my previous blog post about Jeff Gaynor, another tango dancer who had the same procedure (Birmingham Hip Resurfacing), and who is now very active once again.

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April 03, 2009

Tango in Comics?

"Bang! Tango" is a new comic book series about dancing and crime.

Yay. Maybe this is where tango finally lives up to its potential as a martial art style. Ha ha!

Must have!!

Click to enlarge.

Reviewer Joe Kelly at Read About Comics describes the storyline:

Vincente Ponticello isn’t just a guy who dances the tango in San Francisco, he’s quite possibly one of the best people to dance the tango in San Francisco. What he’s not telling anyone, though, is that before he moved out west, he was involved in some less than legal activities and a bit of a gangster—and now he’s in hiding from his old New York associates, making sure to never go back east. Then Autumn shows up, the girl who got away, and she’s desperate for him to recover some pictures that are being used for blackmail. But even on the other side of the country, Vincente’s about to learn that you can never really go home again.

Read the full review here:
Read About Comics Bang! Tango #1-2

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