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December 31, 2009

Another great tango photo site

Tango, Breakdance, Urban Life photography and Forest lomography by Alexander Zabara

My friend Rebecca hipped me to this site of Russian photographer Alexander Zabara. It has some cool shots of tango dancing and break dancing among other things. Nice black and white stuff.

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December 23, 2009

Photo Gallery - Boston Globe

Tango - The Big Picture - Boston.com

Boston Globe assembled a really nice gallery of tango photos to accompany the UNESCO announcement in October. I just noticed them today. Check them out!

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December 20, 2009

Chicho interviewed in El Tangauta

El Tangauta - La revista del tango / The tango magazine no. 182 (December 2009) gives it's feature interview to Chicho Frúmboli. (Once registered, anyone can download the complete issue as a PDF.)

Milena Plebs asks the questions, and Chicho gives some astonishing answers.

CHICHO: Many young people have gotten involved with tango; we are living the beginning of a powerful era. The genre is here to stay, there is no way that it will become hidden or marginalized again. It is constantly evolving.

MILENA: But sometimes those who are starting lose themselves in all the multiple options.

CHICHO: They are completely lost! I learnt with the last great milongueros, I took the information directly from them. Those who are starting to dance don’t have this experience, they learn instead from an intermediate generation that I am a part of; we are a nexus between these old dancers and those who are younger. The problem is that we missed something in the teaching, I take total responsibility, and other colleagues should do so as well. I can’t pass on what I have learned. I was crazy about creating, because I saw a new vein in the evolution of the movement. I threw myself into that, and I lost the way to be able to pass on the tango essence that I have very much inside. Because of this I feel that lately there are a lot of people who don’t understand or know what the real essence of this dance is.

MILENA: You have been dancing for fifteen years. What changes have you noticed in the dance?

CHICHO: Before, people worked with precision and a particular aesthetic, in a functional and mechanical way that gave it a form, and a style. Making a movement or taking a step implied an expression of the entire body. Currently, not only has the essence been lost but the weight of the dance as well, its density and importance. To me, this new tango lost a bit of the respect for what tango is. [ ... ] Yes, it took me five months to get on the dance floor of the milonga of Almagro, I didn’t dare to, and I went every Sunday only to watch. One breathed an air of respect that cannot be found now.
More Chicho

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December 18, 2009

Guide to Tango Record Labels

Tango Labels - Sellos

For anyone interested in the history of tango recording companies, this page on tangoteca is very informative.

It even identifies by name (Ricardo Mejía) the RCA Victor manager who infamously burned the master tapes of tango.

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