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April 04, 2011

Tono Gallesio interviewed by Monica Paz

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Here my friend Tono talks about how tango was when he was a child, his first memories of dancing in club Independiente, in the 1950s and 1960s. He was interviewed by Monica Paz at PractiMilonguero, March 22, 2011. He also contrasts the tango of his generation with what he sees at the milongas today.

In those times there was an unequalled respect on the floor.... They didn't collide. You danced tango even to D'Arienzo on 40 centimeters and you didn't collide with anybody. It was very tranquil. Today they use the woman like a bumper car in the Parque Japon├ęs. They're moving the woman like a clothes dryer. They're shaking her in all directions. When I'm dancing with a woman, I'm leading her as if she were a castle made of cards. When she is with me she is untouchable.

RE: throwing coins .... Later in the interview Tono talks about people throwing coins at the dancers who were showing off and dancing badly in an exhibition. As a cultural note, throwing coins at someone is an Argentine way to show disapproval. Tono talks about being a kid and picking up the coins, but it wasn't explained the significance of the coins. (My friend Maria remembers seeing an audience throw coins at Piazzolla. No wonder he went to Europe.)

Tono's Facebook Page has more of his comments and links to tango videos he likes.

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