December 13, 2005

Tango Pump graffitti

MEC environs: basilica aka pumps
Originally uploaded by Claudine.
I like this.

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March 05, 2005

Barcelona Tango Stencilist

Here's a photo of some stencil art, which I blogged about previously.

Here's a related photo, tagged as tango, and uploaded to Flickr by duncan. (Click image to see larger version on Flickr.)

The second is another photo of work by, apparently, the same Barcelona tango graffitist. It makes me curious about a bunch of things. For example, what is the relation between tango and anarchy in Barcelona? Do tango dancers there favor tango nuevo? Do they go to the milongas with spiked hair and wearing crepe-soled boots? Or is tango itself always already transgressive?

And how many instances of this tango graffiti are scattered around Barcelona? Where are they? When will I go to Barcelona? Etc.

I love the stencil. It looks like, in the more recent photo, that the artist has used a separate stencil for the word "TANGO", which has the "A" blocked out so he can draw it.

But isn't there some irony in associating anarchy with such a traditional, convention-laden, and vociferously protected (by its practitioners) cultural form as the tango. Perhaps the contradiction of tradition and revolt is part of the point of this stencil. Like wearing tennis shoes and a three-piece suit. And, is graffiti always already transgressive?


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December 28, 2004

Power to the Tangueros

This interesting tango graffitti art comes from a collection of Photos from Barcelona.

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