February 21, 2006

Tango #95

Solo Practice

I stand still
softening the bones in my feet
to better feel the floor, the earth
I breath slowly and deeply
every cell in my body alive and working
churning out whatever is needed
creating energy
out of this ordinary, freely available air
the setting sun slants through the blinds
adding texture to the room
the space beween me and the window, the walls
the precious wide-open space
of the living room
this wonderful old warm wood floor
just the right amount of friction between it
and my worn-perfectly-smooth old sneakers
to pivot, to spin
such a gift
this floor, this space, this time
to pursue this joy
to stand here and harness gravity itself
and become
the wind

I segue between t'ai chi and tango
playing with gravity first one way, then the other
playing with this body
so interesting that I need the mirror
to see what I cannot yet feel
movements I don't realize I'm making
until I see them

a good teacher is a mirror
a very special mirror
that can see both your mistakes
and your potential
better than you can
and keep you going in the right direction

being your own teacher

of course the nice thing about practice by yourself
is that it is easier
fewer variables
you can discover a lot on your own
if you are diligent
but of course it is not tango
just elements of dancing
ingredients you are stocking up on
getting the kitchen ready
everything you need at your fingertips, toetips
ready for the opportunity
to really cook

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January 01, 2006

Tango #98

I love the way he interprets the music
with his whole body
and guides me so carefully
to follow
my feet, my legs
my entire being
celebrating his exact trajectory and timing
a deeply felt underlying pulse
anchoring swift precise accents
gorgeous flowing sweeps
stunning pauses
I love the way he holds me close sometimes
so delicious
I want to be pressed here forever
like a flower
and ah
the poems we write with our feet
others may like dancing with him
but I
the ground he walks on

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Tango #86

Following is a razors edge
of listening to him
harmonizing instantly with his every move
and listening, dancing, playing
to the music
keeping its heartbeat
I feel so intimately connected
yet far away
close enough to feel his every breath, every thought
and far enough away to see it all clearly
the overall beauty

as I relax and melt into him
my mind goes into a hyperdrive
of attention and focus
there is a constant interplay and pull
of inner and outer awareness
detailed and precise
yet diffuse and open

I try to match him
yet not fence him in
in any way
trying to add to his potential
as I rise to meet him
exactly where he is
at each moment
our connection so real, visceral
breathing, pulsing

we gloriously create and follow
this tango
like a thread
deep into the music, each other,
and back into our ever expanding selves

we are tabla and sitar
creating this evening tango raga
interweaving ourselves and this music
into such a seamless whole
we begin to resonate
with the ecstatic transcendent sound
of the universe
a tango OM

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May 08, 2005


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Tango # 192

he extends his right hand toward me
and raises his left in invitation
I place my hand in his and step into his embrace
his arm so soft yet firm around me
and with this ordinary extraordinary movement
we are connected
and stirred into a sea of tango
the music a murmured incantation
on the night breeze
lit from within
we rise like the moon
full and gleaming
floating in the deep dark blue
of this tango
already traversing earth, air and water
already traveling space and time
already there
already gone

The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel

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Tango #96

This tango unfolds like our lives
there is no map here
it unfolds moment by moment
and is simply what it is
we do our best to connect
and rise to the occasion
synchronicity our mutual aspiration
the blend of our musicalities
a rich ocean of potential
this tango becomes a sea we dive into,
swim in, float in, play in,
sail on, surf on,
walk on
and emerge from
dripping with joy

The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel

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April 24, 2005

blue boleo

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April 18, 2005


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April 10, 2005

Tango #66

I am falling in love
This time with his older brother
oh yes
Why hadn't I noticed before
the musical color of his eyes
that lighthouse of a smile
the livliness of his rhythmic feet
his beautiful arms
that solid, playful, energized embrace
his supremely confident nonchalence
the devastatingly laser-precise syncopations
oh yes
I'm in love all right
with Tango's older brother,

The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel

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Tango #69

Paradise Found

I fall in love at the drop of a fluid ocho,
a well executed, deeply felt step
sends shivers up my spine.
I fall for the milonguero, the dreamer,
the thinker, the poet,
the cowboy,
the man
who loves dancing tango
this tango
with me
For the length and breadth of our dance
He is my angel other half
as we blend together into such a seamless whole
There is only one angel
dancing a tango so divinely
the gates of heaven swing open
We have discovered the secret password
we are the secret password
to Paradise Found

The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel

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January 27, 2005

Tango #56

The music won't take no for an answer tonight
It is grabbing us by our hair, our feet
Shaking us awake
Insistent, demanding our full attention, saying
"Listen! There is only this moment.
Come dance. Come now."
It wraps its mesmerizing arms around us
And begins to teach us why we have ears and arms
And what feet were created for.
Caught in this torrential downpour,
We are washed away in a flash flood of tango,
Carried miles from where we began
Rinsed clean of all traces of our former selves
Eyes shining
Wearing silly little smiles on our feet
Wide awake at last.

The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel

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January 11, 2005

Tango #17

Becoming Amber

Yes, this is how it happens
This is how the mosquito is glad to be caught
Caught forever in the thick delicious sap of the tree's embrace
He oozes tango from every pore
Dancing with him I am transformed into a jewel
The color of the sun
Caught in the thick irresistible sap of his tango
I want this dance to last forever
Yes, this is how it happens

The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel

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Tango # 22

I am the pen
With which you write your poems
Across the floor
Fleeting ephemeral lines
Like sacred Tibetan sand paintings
Meticulously crafted by worshipful monks
And brushed away
When they are complete
As a reminder of life's illusory nature
We are two happy and focused monks
Diligently practicing our own religion
Our own ritual art
As we create
This elegant ephemeral tango
This pure pursuit of grace
That only we will remember

The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel

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November 01, 2004

Tango #13

Ah, something about his dancing that is so smooth
And I love the way he listens to my movement
And slows down when I want to at the crusada.
This is liquid, silky Tango
And we are both very focused
Anticipation colors the taste of each creamy, buttery step
A lush tropical beach begins to enfold us
Waves lap at our toes
A jungle of fragrant flowers showers us in scented petals
Mangoes and papayas fall at our feet
Ripe and delicious...
I should dance with him more often.

The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel

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Tango #32

Perfect Tanda

The first dance is light, exploring, exquisitely gentle
Yet with some surprises
Very lovely

The second is more intricate with quick changes of rhythm,
More varied colors as we journey to more exotic destinations,
Surprising and delighting each other with an edgy, elegant, smooth connection

Third dance and we are adventurers now,
Our own curiosity and pleasure the only guides,
Focused and intent on exploring our limits together
Scaling grand panoramic cliffs and swimming vast seas

By the fourth dance
We have left all traces of civilization behind
And are inventing our own tango
Breathless and perfect
Explosive and elegant
We are clairvoyant
We are tango dancers

The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel

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October 17, 2004

Tango #9

We are sharing a tango dream on the planet Venus
Closer to the sun
We are nearly transparent
And weigh mere ounces
I am so light in your arms our steps so effortless easy smooth
The music lazily changes color and weight
Gravity slowly shifts into heaviness
We are on Saturn now
You are the planet
And I am the rings
Sweeping around your center in timeless orbit
We are huge and strong and taking up more than our share of the dance floor
And now I am Titan
Your largest moon, full and bright in your arms
I can feel my gravitational force affecting your oceanic tides
I marvel at this ability to create storms, typhoons, hurricanes on your surface
We are strangely comfortable
Wielding such power over each other
As we let the music toss us around the galaxy.

The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel

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October 12, 2004

Tango #76

Siren Song

If you're looking to wow the crowd
I'm not the one for you
There are others here who will visually complement you
far more than I ever could
But if you love to dance tango
for the juicy, kinesthetic, pure joy of how it feels
and that's enough for you
look no further
Dancing with me may not look like much
but it feels great
Try me

The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel

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October 05, 2004

Tango #92

I walk the aisles
step, shift, collect
smooth pivot the corners
around the produce section
delicate little "rulos" as I inspect
the cherries
using the floor to press down to come up
and free my other leg
as I reach
for the peaches
movements so invisibly small
only for me
only to feel it
this dance between me, the floor and gravity
the music in my breath and heartbeat
saturday afternoon grocery store tango
anticipating the milonga tonight
and my red shoes

The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel

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September 21, 2004

Tango #208

You've heard, of course,
the rumors about them
Mercury and Venus
the only planets with no encircling moons
it's because
they only have eyes for each other, those two
they wait patiently
for the sun to burn out
and release them from their separate orbits
counting the eons
until the tango they've been flirting with their eyes
from across the room
can at last be danced

The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel

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