April 28, 2009

Hip Resurfacing for Tango Dancers

Tango For Life - Tango Health

Over at Tango for Life, Dave Donatiu blogs in clear and inspiring detail about his hip resurfacing surgery, and the pain that has kept him from tango. It doesn't sounds easy, but it is going to put him back on the dance floor.

Congratulations Dave for making the brave decision, and best wishes during your recovery.

See also my previous blog post about Jeff Gaynor, another tango dancer who had the same procedure (Birmingham Hip Resurfacing), and who is now very active once again.

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July 31, 2008

Tango Therapy Conference

Tango Therapy radio feature from PRI (Public Radio International) reports on the recent tango therapy conference in Rosario, Argentina.

Psychologists and physical therapists believe learning to tango can help people suffering from Alzheimers, Parkinson’s Disease, and depression. Richard Reynolds finds out more at the first International Conference on Tango Therapy.

According to the report, one study found that Tango interventions for Parkinson's were equal or superior to Waltz, Foxtrot and T'ai Chi. Another study found that Tango alleviates depression - which, the journalist notes, is "ironic, since tango lyrics are always sad." Research into tango therapy is just getting started.

My partner Carlota works in a health food store. She said that after the report was on the radio, customers came into the store asking where they could learn tango.

  • Listen to podcast.

  • Read review by conference participant Christina Johnson

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