April 17, 2005

BA Guest House

Casa de naranjo en Flor Tango Buenos Aires

This place looks nice, and they have some cool photos on their web site.

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March 22, 2005

Official Tourist Guide to Milongas

This government web site includes a guide to tango with an interactive map of the city - red dots light up to show where the milongas are - mouse over them to see name and address information, subway details.

Click the link "Tango" in the right sidebar.

This site also has plenty of other interesting things about the city of Buenos Aires.

Turismo Bs As - Sitio oficial de turismo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Turismo Bs As - Sitio oficial de turismo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (English Version)

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February 07, 2005

Recommended lodging in Buenos Aires

El Sol de San Telmo

This tango hostel is a good place to stay for tango tourists. Carlota and I stayed here.

The manager, Fabrizio, is friendly, speaks excellent English, and is fully immersed in the tango world so he can tell you what is going on each night, and give his recommendations.

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January 08, 2005

Tango Trip Reports

Here is an interesting report of two (naive) tango dancers from Houston travelling recently in Buenos Aires. With photos.

Rick McGarrey from Tucson has journals from two trips, one in 2001, and another in 2003: Tango and Chaos in Buenos Aires by Rick McGarrey

Chicago dancer Bibi Wong has written these Postcards from Buenos Aires

Do others have tango trip reports that I can include on these pages?

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