November 18, 2005

Tango Radio in Champaign-Urbana

Frank Ridgway at the controls during his weekly show "El Otro Sur"

Champaign-Urbana is lucky to have the extremley fine tango radio show at 12-2am on Monday mornings. Tune to 90.1 FM - WEFT. Host Frank Ridgway plays an enthralling mix of Argentine folk and guitar music, classic tango music, Piazzolla, and contemporary neo-tango/rock fusion. Delicious!

WEFT 90.1FM Website

Frank's playlists:

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September 21, 2005

(Yet More) El Otro Sur Playlists

08/22/05 playlist
08/29/05 playlist
09/05/05 playlist
09/19/05 playlist
10/31/05 playlist
11/07/05 playlist
11/14/05 playlist
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April 18, 2005

El Otro Sur

Locally in Champaign-Urbana we now have our own Argentine radio show.

"El Otro Sur," a show hosted by Franklin Ridgeway, features two hours of Argentine tango and folk music. El Otro Sur airs every Sunday night starting at midnight on WEFT 90.1FM.

Frank plays some really cool music, blending golden age with neo and alterna tango.

I have the odd situation of needing to go out to my car to listen, because I don't have a radio in my house. It is absolutely electrifying to hear Di Sarli, Pugliese, Tanghetto, Carlos Libedinsky, etc. coming over the local radio in my car!! It sounds really great.

I encourage everyone to tune in, because I guarantee you will hear beautiful music that you haven't heard before. Frank Ridgeway is quite eclectic and a determined collector.

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