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October 31, 2004

bbc tango documentary

BBC - BBC Four Dance - La Confiteria Ideal: The Tango Salon

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October 17, 2004

Tango #9

We are sharing a tango dream on the planet Venus
Closer to the sun
We are nearly transparent
And weigh mere ounces
I am so light in your arms our steps so effortless easy smooth
The music lazily changes color and weight
Gravity slowly shifts into heaviness
We are on Saturn now
You are the planet
And I am the rings
Sweeping around your center in timeless orbit
We are huge and strong and taking up more than our share of the dance floor
And now I am Titan
Your largest moon, full and bright in your arms
I can feel my gravitational force affecting your oceanic tides
I marvel at this ability to create storms, typhoons, hurricanes on your surface
We are strangely comfortable
Wielding such power over each other
As we let the music toss us around the galaxy.

The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel

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October 12, 2004

Tango #76

Siren Song

If you're looking to wow the crowd
I'm not the one for you
There are others here who will visually complement you
far more than I ever could
But if you love to dance tango
for the juicy, kinesthetic, pure joy of how it feels
and that's enough for you
look no further
Dancing with me may not look like much
but it feels great
Try me

The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel

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October 07, 2004

Tango Place

Interesting photo from Montreal with tango signage. I guess this must be the front entrance of Tango Libre. Have any readers been there? Les voitures sont peu des vieilles, non ??

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October 05, 2004

Tango #92

I walk the aisles
step, shift, collect
smooth pivot the corners
around the produce section
delicate little "rulos" as I inspect
the cherries
using the floor to press down to come up
and free my other leg
as I reach
for the peaches
movements so invisibly small
only for me
only to feel it
this dance between me, the floor and gravity
the music in my breath and heartbeat
saturday afternoon grocery store tango
anticipating the milonga tonight
and my red shoes

The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel

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