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November 01, 2004

Tango #13

Ah, something about his dancing that is so smooth
And I love the way he listens to my movement
And slows down when I want to at the crusada.
This is liquid, silky Tango
And we are both very focused
Anticipation colors the taste of each creamy, buttery step
A lush tropical beach begins to enfold us
Waves lap at our toes
A jungle of fragrant flowers showers us in scented petals
Mangoes and papayas fall at our feet
Ripe and delicious...
I should dance with him more often.

The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel

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Tango #32

Perfect Tanda

The first dance is light, exploring, exquisitely gentle
Yet with some surprises
Very lovely

The second is more intricate with quick changes of rhythm,
More varied colors as we journey to more exotic destinations,
Surprising and delighting each other with an edgy, elegant, smooth connection

Third dance and we are adventurers now,
Our own curiosity and pleasure the only guides,
Focused and intent on exploring our limits together
Scaling grand panoramic cliffs and swimming vast seas

By the fourth dance
We have left all traces of civilization behind
And are inventing our own tango
Breathless and perfect
Explosive and elegant
We are clairvoyant
We are tango dancers

The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel

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