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December 13, 2005

Tango Pump graffitti

MEC environs: basilica aka pumps
Originally uploaded by Claudine.
I like this.

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Tango in Capetown SA

I often have mixed feelings when reading journal and newspaper articles about tango. The writers are invariably naive about the dance and write from first impressions while sensationalizing. And their interview quotes are usually one-sided.

But some kind of true idea about tango usually comes out no matter what.

This article "LOST IN THE DANCE" from the South African online women's magazine Women24 (published in the "Love & Sex" department) is kind of like that.


The Argentine tango, says Rosemary, will bring out your true inner self. 'The fuzziness will disappear,' she says. 'If you're an arrogant person or if you're frightened of giving yourself over, it will all emerge.'


At The Valve I ask a few couples to talk to me about what the dance does for them. They say they can't, well, at least not right there and then, with the music playing and the dance floor beckoning.

The next day I call around looking for more subjects to interview. Same story. It is amazing. Those who dance the Argentine tango together will not talk about it for public consumption. Perhaps because it's so intimate, so private? Maybe. Or is it because words can't explain what comes from the heart? 'What the psychological moment is all about,' says the tangoing shrink, 'is the vulnerability of both partners as they open themselves up.'

I watch a handsome couple negotiate their way around the dance floor. He's tall and dark, she's blonde and gorgeous. They're moving slowly, whispering, talking to each other all the time. Then suddenly they wrench their bodies apart. She walks off ahead of him. 'Couldn't you feel me leading?' I hear him asking as he follows her. She rolls her eyes. Later I spot them, heads close together, taking intimately. It's okay, it seems they've sorted it out.

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