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January 23, 2006

Dancing Tango Maintains Memory

From anitabchu
to St_Louis_Tango

By chance, Fred and I were interviewed Friday (Jan 20th 2006) at the St Louis Science Center about Tango.

What started as a public lecture on Alzheimers led to a review of how complex tasks, including TANGO dancing, helps memory and maybe can delay onset of Alzheimers. It's a hot neuroscience topic at this very moment and the story has been carried in New England Journal of Medicine, USATODAY, BBCnews, etc.

So, our best advice, keep dancing and especially Tango dancing.

Listen:Audio MP3

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January 01, 2006

Tango #98

I love the way he interprets the music
with his whole body
and guides me so carefully
to follow
my feet, my legs
my entire being
celebrating his exact trajectory and timing
a deeply felt underlying pulse
anchoring swift precise accents
gorgeous flowing sweeps
stunning pauses
I love the way he holds me close sometimes
so delicious
I want to be pressed here forever
like a flower
and ah
the poems we write with our feet
others may like dancing with him
but I
the ground he walks on

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Tango #86

Following is a razors edge
of listening to him
harmonizing instantly with his every move
and listening, dancing, playing
to the music
keeping its heartbeat
I feel so intimately connected
yet far away
close enough to feel his every breath, every thought
and far enough away to see it all clearly
the overall beauty

as I relax and melt into him
my mind goes into a hyperdrive
of attention and focus
there is a constant interplay and pull
of inner and outer awareness
detailed and precise
yet diffuse and open

I try to match him
yet not fence him in
in any way
trying to add to his potential
as I rise to meet him
exactly where he is
at each moment
our connection so real, visceral
breathing, pulsing

we gloriously create and follow
this tango
like a thread
deep into the music, each other,
and back into our ever expanding selves

we are tabla and sitar
creating this evening tango raga
interweaving ourselves and this music
into such a seamless whole
we begin to resonate
with the ecstatic transcendent sound
of the universe
a tango OM

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