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April 11, 2006

New Tango Streaming Radio

At the tango-dj list, Manuk reported on this Turkish online Tango Radio server.

Add to the growing list:

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April 06, 2006

Gotan LunĂ¡tico

Gotan Project's new CD "LunĂ¡tico" (named after Carlos Gardel's horse) will be released in the U.S. on April 11, 2006. This is actually only the second CD produced by the whole group since "Revancha del Tango" (2001). "Inspiracion Espiracion," an in-between album was a DJ mix album of new tracks and remixes by Phillippe Cohen Solal released under the band's name in 2004.



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April 05, 2006

Who Reads This Blog?

I've been tracking site traffic since starting The Topic Is Tango (currently 180 visits/wk), but I never fully appreciated its global audience until I installed Cluster Map a couple of weeks ago and got a visual.

Interestingly, in the Americas at least, tango-blog readers seem distributed with coastal (and perhaps Great Lakes) contours. Surely that's a sign of internetedness as much as anything, but it might also reflect the concentrations of tango populations.

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