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October 30, 2006

Tango - The Sacrifice

Ah tango, the joys, the sufferings.

Here a young woman comes to practica, bandages covering her injuries from the previous night's milonga action. Some of the guys are a little off in their way of aiming their feet, it seems.

Click to hear her reaction.

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October 28, 2006

Tito Palumbo's editorial on electronic tango

Hi Joe:

This seems relevant to Tete's note. I think it is perhaps less passionate but clearer and more educational than Tete's note. What do you think?


This is the English translation of an editorial on "Electronic Tango" that appeared in the March 2006 issue of the magazine, B.A. Tango/Buenos Aires Tango" that is currently in its 12th year of publication and is one of the most widely read tango reviews in the world. The editorial was written by Tito Palumbo, editor and publisher of the magazine.

There is no "electronic tango." There is electronic music.

That is a conclusive and categorical assertion, and I will get straight to the point. The so-called "electronic tango" that is causing some impact outside Argentina and expanding abroad has no support whatsoever from among those who dance and teach tango in the Rio Platense (i.e. the entire region encompassing metropolitan Buenos Aires and the shoreline cities of Uruguay across the Rio de la Plata river). There are reasons for this.

"Electronic tango" has, in fact, nothing to do with tango, not in the area of "avant-garde tango" nor in the compositions of Astor Piazzolla whose "city music" always is grounded in the city of Buenos Aires.

Neither does using the electronic sampler to incorporate parts of true tangos certify that the music is or has been born into or born of the tango. It is not even a bastard child of the tango family. The electronic music lacks both the structure and the form of the tango genre. It lacks the tango's "three-minute story." It simply is not tango and cannot be said to be tango.

By no means is it in any way acceptable to say that young people will begin learning to understand and to dance the tango through the use of electronic music. Absolutely not! It is very difficult, not to say impossible for those who become intoxicated with electronic music ever be able to appreciate real tango.

The integration of young people with electronic music defined as "tango" is related to a cultural orientation that includes diluting as well as globalizing the true tango. Even the name, "electronic tango," seems to have been chosen especially to mislead those who are without expertise, without significant knowledge of the tango.

Tito Palumbo

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Tete's Circular on Electronic Tango

Lonewolf writes that Tete Rusconi has been going around the milongas circulating a letter he wrote in protest against dancing to the musc "tango electronico".

This is an English translation. His original is on the next page.

What a shame!

Not too long ago, I wrote a note about everything that is beautiful about dancing tango, and I realize that many people do not comprehend how to take care of what has true value. With music, such as the one called electronic tango, that is totally alien to tango, they try to destroy something that is ours.

I would like to ask all the tango community, but above all to all the young dancers, the musicians and the milonga organizers, to take some time to seriously reflect upon what tango means. It is important to realize that this may be happening because of lack of imagination to add something new to tango, or because of business purposes, which are disrespecting a whole culture. It is a pity to have gotten to this point, when so many people are hurt. You can use this music for other purposes, but do not dare to call tango what it is not.

Until soon,


Que Verguenza!

No hace mucho, hice una nota refiriendome a todo lo hermoso que as aprender a bailar el tango y me doy cuenta que mucha gente no comprende como cuidar lo que verdaderamente tiene valor, ya que con una musica como el denominado tango electronico, que es totalmente ajeno al tango, tratan de destruir algo que es tan nuestro.

Yo le pediria a toda la comunidad tanguera, pero sobre todo a los bailarines jovenes, a los musicalizadores y a los organizadores de milongas, que es tomen un tiempo para reflexionar seriamente sobre lo que significa el tango y se den cuenta segun el caso, que ya sea por falta de imaginacion para agregarle al tango cosas nuevas o por hacer un negocio, estan faltandole el respeto a toda una cultura. Es una lastima llegar a este punto, lastimando a tanta gente. Usen esa musica para otra cosa y no se tomen el atrevimiento de ponerle tango a eso que no lo es.

Me despido de ustedes esperando que comprendan lo que les digo. Hasta Pronto.


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October 23, 2006

BajoFondo Tango Club in Concert

From salón 21, Mexico City, October 18, 2006

More links to videos from this concert

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October 22, 2006


Tamara di Tella of Buenos Aires has blended Tango and Pilates to create Tangolates -- it is, apparently, a type of Pilates that you do with a partner.

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October 01, 2006

Smoking banned in Bs As nightclubs


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