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August 27, 2007

Mundial 2007 - The Final Round

Mundial de Tango Salon 2007: La Final

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Videos: Tango Mundial 2007

Videos from the Tango World Championships 2007

tango mundial 2007 - Google Video

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Official Judging Criteria for World Tango Championship

V Campeonato Mundial de Baile de Tango

Evaluation Criteria



  • 36. Stage Tango for Couples (Unrestricted Entry, Amateurs and Professionals): Participants will be able to express their personal view on the tango dance: they may resort to movements, figures and applications that are not usually related to traditional tango.
  • 37. Couples may break the embrace and use additional techniques derived from other dance disciplines, as long as these are justified and performed for the benefit of a particular rendition.
  • 38. The Jury will take into account the following criteria:

    • Choreographic composition (creation or recreation)
    • Preservation of tango essence
    • Use of stage space
    • Choreographic and postural techniques
    • Body and space alignment
    • Couple's synchronicity
    • Choreographic effects
    • Interpretation
    • Musical accuracy (relaxation, music-dancer-style)
    • Costumes and make-up

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Tango Championships Final Awards

V Campeonato Mundial de Baile de Tango
List of participants and rank.

ABC News: American Couple Tangos to World Finals
Story of a couple from New York who competed in the Bs As Championships.

ABC News: Fancy Footwork: Judging Tango
Interviews with several judges talking about what they look for and value in the dancers.

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August 21, 2007

Orquesta Tipica Fervor

I love this band. I think they are the most real sounding traditional band. Remind me of Di Sarli.

More: Tango Fervor (Google search)

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Gotan Live

These guys are really good. A spectacular jam by the pianist (Supervielle, I presume) on Revancha del Tango shifts to a very free arrangement of Julian Plaza's magnificent composition "Nocturne". The New giving way to the Nuevo. ha ha.

Could dancers learn to dance milongaishly to this level of improv?

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August 20, 2007

Tango Cups

Tango World Cup

Click to enlarge

Gardel Coffee Cup

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August 17, 2007

Teaching Guidelines

guidelines for teachers at tango colorado classes

It is interesting to speculate on the motivations and rationale behind these guidelines. I infer that these classes are aimed at newcomers to tango, and it seems that they want to get people off to a good start in dancing, and to set the tone for a positive relationship with the Tango Colorado organization.

Some rules must be a reaction to the bad results of specific teaching methods and behavior.


  • Start and end on time.
  • Stick to good, standard tango music
  • Announce your other classes at the end.
  • Have students fill out an evaluation form
  • End class with a dance demonstration of material presented
  • Teach line of dance
  • Do NOT teach a pattern that begins with a backstep against the line of dance
  • Do not teach sacadas, boleos, gaunchos (sic) or leg wraps
  • Teach balance and staying on axis
  • Explain "the different forms of embrace".
  • Teach leaders to be gentle
  • Never criticize or embarrass a student
  • "Do not criticize other teachers. Do NOT say your way is the only way."
  • Do not force people into close embrace. "We have lost many new people over this one issue."

The ethics section ends with some pretty specific rules about sexual propriety. I guess they have had some problems with this before.

  • This is a sensuous and passionate dance. It is NOT a sexual ritual. Be very, very careful in your use of language and sexual innuendos. As an example, use the word, "chest,” not “breast.” Avoid overtly sexual moves. As a TC teacher, you represent us more than any other influence on students. Please respect the trust students give you.

  • Avoid dating your students or “coming on” to them. Sure, you might be attracted but wait for a few months until you know that an attraction is mutual and that the person is single if you date.

  • Students will also “come on” to teachers. This becomes a moral as well as an ethical issue. Do not respond, even if they flash you in the parking lot. As a person of authority, it is inappropriate, regardless of how strongly they insist.

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It is said

"The first step to wisdom is silence. The second is listening."

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Three Women of Tango

Three Women of Tango

By Terence Clark.

Worth reading.

I asked Julietta if she knew the lyrics to this tango. When she replied that she did not, I translated them for her as we danced.

Tengo miedo ... A pause, in which you can feel Falcon's search for the correct words, which she delivers with considerable intensity, as though she's looking up at her lover and saying, with a smile, "Yes. Yes, I will." Tengo miedo ... de quererte.

Toward the end of the tango, I sensed that the emotional state in which we had begun dancing had changed. For one thing, the front of my shirt was damp. The music came to an end, and as I released Julietta from the embrace I saw that she was in tears.

"It's just that ... that translation ... it reminded me of my father," she explained. "I ... I loved him so."

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L.A. 'Fiesta' - Preview

Two ways to tango at L.A. 'Fiesta' - DANCE - Los Angeles Times - calendarlive.com

It is very interesting to see how journalists, many of them w/o tango background, perceive the categories of tango music. There is much accuracy, but also some things they don't understand.

Since the advent of electronica, many Latin American musicians have fused cool electronic beats with the folk sounds of their homeland -- from Bebel Gilberto's electro-bossa to the Nortec Collective's reinvention of Mexican banda sinaloense.

Because tango is usually characterized by a stately mood of bittersweet contemplation, its deep bass lines and soulful bandoneon riffs blend particularly well with the robotic nature of electronica. This extreme combination of hot and cold can be bewitching in concert, as demonstrated by memorable L.A. performances by Gotan Project and Bajofondo Tango Club in recent years.

Tanghetto should be no exception. Performing as a sextet, the band will present tracks from its first album, 2004's "Emigrante," marked by its languid melodies, its smoky textures and the kind of delicate piano lines that would make Massive Attack proud.

"Ideologically speaking, Piazzolla has been a great influence," Tanghetto co-founder Max Masri says from Buenos Aires. "He showed us that it was OK to challenge conventions. We were also influenced by early '80s synth-pop bands from England, as well as groups like Kraftwerk and Nine Inch Nails -- people who tried to do something different with synthesizers."

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August 11, 2007

Cacho Dante

Cacho Dante with Alicia Pons. Click to enlarge

Cacho Dante (Óscar Dante Lorenzo) is an influential teacher and dancer. Three articles by him have been translated in English and circulate on the internet (see list below).

His writings and teaching example emphasize the importance of feeling and connection over fancy moves. Together with Susana Miller, this philosophy of what has the most value in the dance has had an important impact on social dancers outside of Buenos Aires. Many now imitate his dancing style.

Cacho Dante appeared in Sally Potter's 1997 film "The Tango Lesson" (see clip below).

Writings of Cacho Dante

Clip from "The Tango Lesson"

Sally dances with the men in this order:

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August 10, 2007

Tango in Moscow

Moscow News - Lifestyle - Would You Like to Dance?

Dancing has become the Muscovite's favourite hobby. After watching a dance class, I realized that dancing is not simply a hobby, but also a way to solve personal problems. Besides, dancing is a wonderful alternative to a boring session with a psychologist.

"Dancing to Let Off Steam"

Olga Rybalko, chief accountant with a big office furniture maker, has been leading a double life for two years now. In the daytime, in a severe business suit with her hair meticulously combed, she heads a 10-employee department. Her subordinates say that "She is a dead hand of formality." How surprised they would be if they caught her at an Argentinean tango club!

"Dancing is the only joy I have," Olga admits. "Since childhood, I dreamed of doing choreography; it's only now, when I'm 38, that my dream has come true. Interestingly, when I started attending tango classes, I always felt a strong urge to lead my partner. They quickly made me lose this habit, and this improved my relations with my husband."

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August 09, 2007

Clay's New Tango Survey

Clay's Dance Studio - Surveys

Survey #2 (June 2007) - Characteristics and Traits of a Tango Dancer has some interesting questions, and the results are not exactly what I would have predicted. Do you think most tango dancers are democrats or republicans? Do you think they are atheists or believers? Extroverts or Introverts?

Take the survey and add to the data.

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August 06, 2007

Luis Rubistein Revisited

rubistein_revisited.jpg inspiracion.jpg

Luis Rubistein composed "Inspiracion" and many other famous tangos. His grandson has now produced a beat-track remix of several of these pieces.

You can listen to them on this website: Rubistein Revisited

On the next page I reproduce a message I received from his grandson, Mariano Rubistein.

My name is Mariano L. Rubistein, I am the grandson of the Maestro LUIS RUBISTEIN , one of the creators of Tango Music.

Among his hits you have INSPIRACION, CHARLEMOS, TARDE GRIS , Co-Founder of S.A.D.A.I.C among his achievements.

But the most important he was a good friend of his friends.

This week the 10 th of August is the Anniversary of his decease there in 1954.

That is why I want to share with you a brief history.

Last year at this date, thanks to the feedback of hundreds of you, I discovered how important my grandfather was.

All this has inspired me to leave everything and enter into the marvelous world of Music.

In this month anniversary of the lost of this GREAT person, we found a way of making him be present again.

Together with NEW POWER TANGO and REVISITED MUSIC we have revisited and produced some version of LUIS with his friends, in order to be spread worldwide.

My tribute this year is been able to tell this story and Spread his music worldwide.

I have no doubts he would be very very proud.

NEW POWER TANGO with Christian Ale revisited his so loved hit INSPIRACION and AMOR (the last composition with his great friend Carlos Gardel).

We have created a web page where you can see some memories and download some themes like INSPIRACION and AMOR.


I hope my idea travels around the world and multiplies as much as possible.

We also want to put your feedback, comments and all the anecdotes that you can bring back to me in our web site.

Of course is our wish that this e mail would be forwarded to any people that you consider could give or bring some kind of tribute to my grandfather s memory (Musicians, Dancers, Artists, Journalist, Tango Lovers).

I really appreciate the time you took to read this letter and do not hesitate in contact me, my family and I will be honor.


Mariano L. Rubistein

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August 01, 2007

Tango for Parkinson's

RADIO KWMU NewsRoom: Parkinson's patients tango their way to treatment

(Click to enlarge)

St. Louis, MO - Two researchers at Washington University's School of Medicine in St. Louise are studying the therapeutic benefits of dance.

This article talks about a program where Parkinson's patients are assigned to various movement forms - Tango, Tai Chi, Fox Trot, Waltz.


Madeleine Hackney is one of two researchers conducting the study and is also the dance instructor. She was a professional dancer in New York City for 11 years.

"The tango in particular is a very improvisational dance form," Hackney notes. "So, the steps are varied, they can choose the steps that they want. They are seldom wrong by choosing a particular step."

Hackney says they're finding the fox trot and waltz are also promising therapies, because the steps are more codified. So after step A, B must follow. This helps with balance and mobility in the patients.

The people in the study span in age from 37-79. Some are assigned to tango, and others are assigned to Waltz and Fox Trot, or Tai Chai, which they're also looking at as a possible therapy.

Dr. Gammon Earhart, assistant professor of Physical Therapy and the project's main researcher, shows off the technology as he asks patients to stand on one leg or with one foot in front of the other for as long as they can.

"We also have this device here on the floor which is an instrumented walkway," Earhart said. "It's like a piece of carpet with sensors built into it. And as a person walks along that walkway their footprints are painted on the computer screen.

"And we can analyze all the different features of their walking from those data."

An MP3 radio broadcast of this story is also available on the website.

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Finding Connectedness in Buenos Aires

Finding Connectedness in Buenos Aires:
Argentine Tango as Antidote to the Human Condition

(PDF) by Steven F. Freeman

An interesting academic paper describing the writer's experiences of Tango in Buenos Aires.

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